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It goes without saying that all bearings in this catalog comply with the applicable ISO standards as well as the DIN 625 and DIN 620 standards (with the exception of 620-6). All data in this catalog have been thoroughly compiled and verified. However, we do not accept any liability for possible errors or omissions.

The dimensions and tolerances are defined in specific standards (e.g. DIN 620, DIN 625 or ISO 15). They describe the form and running accuracy.

The tolerance class P0 lists the standard tolerance values; P6 and P5 etc. are higher precision classes according to DIN 620.

A comparable classification is being made according to American standards (ANSI).

DIN 620         P0              P6              P5             P4
   ANSI        ABEC-1      ABEC-3      ABEC-5      ABEC-7

ISO standard tolerances (IT qualities) acc. to DIN ISO 286