Bearing housings

For additional information on SNL and SD bearing housings please refer to our bearing housing catalogue or search directly in our detailed bearing housing database for products, technical specifications, dimensions and other details.

Expert specialist for bearing technology

The LFD Group is the expert specialist for bearing technology in regard to the mechanical application of continuous conveyors.

Irrespective whether involving bulk material or packaged goods conveyors, we have the matching solutions for your requirements. Application-optimised bearings by LFD master all challenges: Strongly differing temperatures, moisture, dust, dirt as well as the reduction of noise and vibration.

Our bearings are definitely used everywhere in conveyor technology: In drive units and loading stations, returning stations as well as idler rollers, guide rollers and deflection pulleys.

LFD bearing housings catalog PDF

Bearing housing catalogue for download

The new, up-to-date bearing housing catalogue is available: Efficient and favourable: Additionally, due to the combinations with different LFD bearings, it is possible to respond to any load.

With these advantages, not only SNL 5..-, S 30..- and SD 31.. – plummer blocks, but also 7225.. – flange units are used in open pit mining and underground mining, conveyor and feed technology and metal working both nationally as well as internationally. The catalogue contains important technical specifications, assembly instructions, illustrated explanations by means of drawings and original photographs.

[ Download the bearing housing catalogue ]