LFD laboratory with the latest measurement technology

LFD consistently commits to quality. We monitor the quality of our products from the very start.

Dedicated automated production lines guarantee bearings of consistently high quality. For verification, optimization and new developments, the LFD Group has expanded its own development laboratory with the latest measurement technology of renowned manufacturers.

Several measuring stations

Several JENOPTIC Hommel Etamic F 435 measuring stations are equipped with an air-cushioned rotary table. These offer fully automated workpiece alignment and minimum measurement times with maximum operating comfort. The shape and bearing tolerances important for bearings are verified precisely via measuring axes guided in radial and axial direction. The software has been attuned optimally to this and offers extensive analysis possibilities as well as a great deal of flexibility with the set-up of workpiece-specific measuring programmes. The measuring path of the motor vertical axis (Z axis) lies at 350 mm. The rotary table with a diameter of 250 mm has been designed for the measurement of workpieces of up to 40 kg and a diameter of 380 mm.

With its fully automated CNC measurement sequence, the measuring system F 435 is ideally equipped for the measurement of complex workpieces. The wear-free air-cushioning of the rotary table ensures repeatability of the smallest tolerances along an extended period of time. With this, it is ideally suited for challenging measurement tasks in the series production of bearings, as well as for the use in the inspection room with frequently changing measuring tasks.

High-resolution camera systems

LFD also utilises the shaft measuring system HOMMEL-ETAMIC opticline C 314 by JENOPTIC for shaft-like precision parts. With this machine type from the optical measuring equipment series even complex contours are captured precisely in the shortest of measuring times.

With the high-resolution camera system, even very small geometry elements can be measured without difficulty.

Measurements are performed on workpieces with an overall length of up to 250 mm, a diameter of up to 50 mm, 100 mm or 140 mm and a part component weight of up to 10 kg with an accuracy of the diameter of (2 + D [mm] / 100) µm – Lengths: (5 + L [mm] / 100) µm and a repetition accuracy of 0.5 µm – Lengths: 3 µm.

With the MarSurf XCR 20, the LFD measurement team has a generation of the combined roughness and contour measurement in a single system at its disposal. This saves time, as the operation and programmes are the same, irrespective whether for the measurement of the contour or roughness height. With the premium product by Mahr surface measurement technology, even semi-automatic sequences such as measuring stand positioning is possible without difficulty. Additional advantages are the highly accurate contour and roughness evaluation on components requiring a large lift and very high resolution, as well as the possibility of the rapid change between roughness and contour measurement, which can be realised with a simple switch within the software platform as well as the mechanical components such as the drive unit and probe.

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