Quality control

LFD consequently pursues quality for you. We perform quality supervision on our products from the very beginning. We understand: only when the raw material is defect-free, first class products are produced.

Our quality control begins with the steel works in China.
All deliveries in our factories have to go through a procedure of analysis and documentation. We guarantee the comprehensive issues including service life and work load as you requested even from the steel materials applied.

The continuous update of our machines and control of production performances ensure our constant high quality level for you.

All products delivered from China are inspected in our lab complying with DIN standards or the special requirements as you wished. Additionally, our lab in Dortmund also performs the further quality inspections for your confirmation. In that case we ensure defect-free goods.

Important identifications in terms of inspection, for instance, product main dimensions, the related tolerances, bearing clearance, material hardness and noise level are exactly recorded in the measuring report by our engineers, each item listed for product inspection.

The comprehensive identifications of inspection will be finalized and agreed in written together with you in our lab in Dortmund. We use the same inspection module in Dortmund as in China.

For consulting issues please refer to our contact information.

We also would like to take the opportunity to show you directly in a meeting in your company of how LFD works, discuss further projects as well as the quality of our goods.