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The complete bearing designation is composed of prefix, base designation and suffix. In general, prefix symbols indicate special designs. Rust-proof materials are indicated with the abbreviation for stainless steel for instance.

The base designation gives information about the bearing series (first two digits) and the bore dimensions (last two digits). From code digit 04 and greater, the dimension of the bore diameter is five times the value of the bore diameter code digit (e.g. 6208 means that the bore diameter is d = 40 mm).
Exceptions are indicated by a forward slash in front of the code digit.

Cage designs, covers, and seals, etc. are encoded in form of suffixes.
The most important abbreviations are listed in the following table:

Abbreviation / Meaning

Z Metal shield
RS Contact seal
RZ Non-contact seal
N Ring groove in outer ring, without snap ring
NR Ring groove in outer ring, with snap ring
V Extended inner ring, special design
TNGH Glass-fiber reinforced plastic cage
M Brass cage
C2 Radial tolerance smaller than normal
C3 Radial tolerance larger than normal
C4 Radial tolerance larger than C3
P6 Accuracy class 6
PX (n) Special tolerances
L (n) Lubricating grease, e.g. L1 Shell Gadus S2
VZ Galvanized surfaces
EMQ Optimized design (for special applications such as electric motors)